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A guide to Coding in the Cloud

With code already hosted online, being able to edit it online isn’t that bad an idea.

In archive | 09 Dec 2012
Coding in the cloud: Amy Editor

This is one online service that few people may have heard of, and we’d like to rectify that.

In archive | 09 Dec 2012
Solution for Secure Boot Woes now Available

For Linux distributions that want to work on the upcoming generation of Secure Boot-enabled computers, a solution is now available.

In archive | 02 Dec 2012
Google Drive can now Serve Web Pages

Google has added a new feature to their Drive service that allows you to serve web content straight from your storage.

In archive | 30 Nov 2012
Firefox for Android Available in x86 Version

Mozilla has made builds of Firefox available for x86-based Android phones.

In archive | 30 Nov 2012
Google Releases Testacular a JavaScript Test Runner

Google engineers have created their own test running tool after dissatisfaction with existing tools for the purpose.

In archive | 30 Nov 2012
Red Hat Announces OpenShift Enterprise

Red Hat’s latest offering, OpenShift Enterprise, which will allow enterprises to run OpenShift’s PasS on their own infrastructure.

In archive | 29 Nov 2012
Wikipedia Embraces WebM with new HTML5 Video Player

With help from Kaltura and Google, Wikimedia has now introduced a new video new HTML5-based video player.

In archive | 16 Nov 2012
Microsoft Releases Internet Explorer 10 Preview for Windows 7

Internet Explorer does not differ radically from Internet Explorer 9, in fact at first glance it is hard to tell that it is a newer version. All the changes are under the hood as it were.

In archive | 16 Nov 2012
Unity 4.0 Game Engine Released

Unity has a number of new features in this new major release including an entirely new animation system called Mechanim, and support for DirectX 11.

In archive | 15 Nov 2012