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LESS: A Better way to Code CSS

CSS is awesome, but like all other web standards — heck like all standards every devised — has its own shortcomings. But, you don’t need to be tied to the standards and their shortcomings! As long as the final result is in web standard format, the browser won’t care if you coded your website in assembly, and entered it into your computer using a binary keypad.

In archive | 10 Jul 2012
Opera 12.5 Build Released; Adds WebKit Prefix Support

The impact of a certain infamous meeting a few months is finally being felt. Opera Software has released a snapshot build of their upcoming Opera 12.5 browser, and among other things it adds support for WebKit prefixed CSS properties.

In open web | 07 Jul 2012
EU Courts Rule that Software may be Resold

The European Court of Justice has ruled that the resale of legally purchased software is indeed legal. The court ruled in a case by Oracle, which had accused UsedSoft of piracy. UsedSoft acted as a reseller of used Oracle licenses.

In tech | 06 Jul 2012
LibreOffice for Mobile Coming Along Nicely

LibreOffice developers have been working not only on getting LibreOffice running on mobile devices, but also at adapting the UI for mobile devices.

In misc | 04 Jul 2012
webOS Open Sourced as CE; Community Already Active

It is interesting to see how quickly communities form around open source projects, and the latest is webOS. As promised by HP a while back, webOS is being open sourced.

In misc | 04 Jul 2012
jQuery 2.0 Coming in 2013; Will Drop IE Support

In jQuery 1.8, coming in a month, a number of jQuery APIs will be depreciated. In jQuery 1.9 they will be removed, with some of them being offered at plug-ins. And with jQuery 2.0 support for Internet Explorer 6, 7, 8 will be removed.

In cloud and misc | 04 Jul 2012
impress.js for presentations

You can now create amazing transitions and slides on your web page with impress.js

In archive | 29 Jun 2012
Samsung Wave S8500 Gets ICS Thanks to Enterprising Hackers

The hacking community is constantly engaged in pushing hardware farther than it can go. The latest example of their efforts is a “working port of Google’s latest Android 4 “Ice Cream Sandwich OS to the Samsung Galaxy Wave S8500.

In archive | 27 Jun 2012