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HP webOS Could be Coming to new Phones
While HP doesn’t seem to know what to do with webOS, which it purchased from Palm and subsequently killed, members of a group called Phoenix International Communications seems to have a plan.
By | December 12th, 2012
HP looking to hire 50+ developers for WebOS
HP is looking to hire 50+ developers for the webOS platform, marking a new turn for the company’s troubled mobile market play.
By | October 6th, 2012
First Open Source Edition of webOS Released
The Open webOS project has reached an important milestone, it is now out of beta and has released its first version.
By | October 1st, 2012
Enyo Part 3: Onyx
Onyx extends and improves the library of components available for Enyo by adding additional features and styling.
By | September 26th, 2012
Open webOS Beta Released
HP has reached a major milestone in its efforts to open source webOS. They have released a beta of webOS.
By | September 4th, 2012
An Intro to Enyo (Part 1): Components
The Enyo framework is optimized and built with mobile in mind. It can be easily combined with something like PhoneGap to create a powerful mobile app that can be distributed via app stores...
By | July 22nd, 2012
webOS Open Sourced as CE; Community Already Active
It is interesting to see how quickly communities form around open source projects, and the latest is webOS. As promised by HP a while back, webOS is being open sourced.
By | July 4th, 2012