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Samsung Brings Multi-Window Management to Android

It seem that history is indeed repeating itself, as Samsung seems keen to add a feature to its Tablets that has graced PCs for a long, long time, multiple app windows.

In archive | 29 Jan 2013
Native Client now Supported on ARM

Google has announced that the latest release of their native Client SDK now supports the ARM architecture.

In archive | 24 Jan 2013
Mozilla Announces Firefox OS Developer Phones

This is the year Firefox OS launches, and Mozilla has kicked it off with the next stage for their OS.

In archive | 23 Jan 2013
Microsoft Releases Preview of Windows Embedded 8

Microsoft has released information about their upcoming embedded edition of Windows 8, and also a preview version of the OS.

In archive | 15 Jan 2013
Windows RT Gets a Jailbreaking Tool

Not long after a hacker posted details of how a vulnerability in Windows NT kernel could be used to let unsigned applications run on the platform, a ready-made tool has appeared to do the job.

In archive | 12 Jan 2013
Windows RT has Been Jailbroken, in a Way

It was only a matter of time, but it has happened, Windows RT has been jailbroken, kind of.

In archive | 10 Jan 2013
Windows RT Running on the HTC HD2

Despite Microsoft’s best efforts, a crafty hacker has got their latest tablet OS Windows RT running on a mobile, the HTC HD2.

In archive | 31 Dec 2012
The Ouya Console Dev Kit Starts Shipping

The Ouya has started shipping the initial developer versions of the console.

In archive | 30 Dec 2012
Google Disables Silent Extensions Installs for Chrome

Google has made it a little more difficult for third-party applications to forcefully install their extensions onto Chrome.

In archive | 24 Dec 2012
Dart Web UI Library Reaches Testing Phase

Google has just released a Web UI library for their Dart programming language.

In archive | 24 Dec 2012