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Windows Azure surpasses $1 billion in sales
Microsoft has announced that its cloud services division including Windows Azure has surpassed more than $1 billion in sales, which goes on to prove how the software giant is continuously making inroads into the cloud market.
By | May 1st, 2013
Microsoft Office 365 to be deployed across all technical institutes in India
Microsoft has announced a partnership with AICTE to make its Office 365 suite of web applications mandatory across all technical institutions in India...
By | April 20th, 2013
Microsoft announces Windows Azure Infrastructure Services
Microsoft has announced availability of Windows Azure Infrastructure Services, thus expanding its Azure platform from being merely PaaS to IaaS based...
By | April 17th, 2013
Oracle flexes its Cloud muscles with CloudWorld held in Mumbai
Oracle held a CloudWorld event to show off its Cloud offerings to partners in the Cloud technology market. More than 1000 business leaders from major organizations across India attended the event to discuss various partnership programs that were announced at the event.
By | April 3rd, 2013
Launcher.io, A Mozilla WebFWD Project For Launching Web Apps
A project called Launcher.io aims to make it painless for web usesr and developers alike to deploy and launch web applications.
By | December 22nd, 2012
DevOps tools to support the cloud in future
More recently, the cloud has altered how IT pros interpret DevOps, and that could result in more efficient application design.
By | December 19th, 2012
Indian entrepreneurs launch their startup CloudMunch at AWS re:Invent conference
CloudMunch a startup by former Infosys executives, got an opportunity to publicly launch their company at the Amazon AWS re:Invent conference...
By | November 30th, 2012
Red Hat Announces OpenShift Enterprise
Red Hat's latest offering, OpenShift Enterprise, which will allow enterprises to run OpenShift’s PasS on their own infrastructure...
By | November 29th, 2012
Amazon Reduces Some EC2 Prices; Launches new Instance Type
Amazon has launched a new set of standard instances for their EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud) service that are optimised for "media encoding, batch processing, caching, and web serving...
By | November 2nd, 2012
All you need to know about Cloud Computing
Whether it is the aisles of power in government offices, carpeted corner offices in large enterprises or high-energy start-ups and small businesses, the ruling technology buzzword appears to be cloud computing...
By | September 6th, 2012