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Microsoft releases code samples for the Kinect for Windows platform
Microsoft has released around 22 code samples under an open source license to help developers get started on the Kinect for Windows platform.
By | March 12th, 2013
Microsoft Releases Preview of Windows Embedded 8
Microsoft has released information about their upcoming embedded edition of Windows 8, and also a preview version of the OS.
By | January 15th, 2013
Windows RT Gets a Jailbreaking Tool
Not long after a hacker posted details of how a vulnerability in Windows NT kernel could be used to let unsigned applications run on the platform, a ready-made tool has appeared to do the job.
By | January 12th, 2013
Windows RT has Been Jailbroken, in a Way
It was only a matter of time, but it has happened, Windows RT has been jailbroken, kind of.
By | January 10th, 2013
Device OS irrelevant to majority consumers
A new study by Accenture reveals that two-thirds of smartphone and tablet owners don’t have strong brand loyalty to any one particular operating system...
By | January 8th, 2013
Windows RT Running on the HTC HD2
Despite Microsoft’s best efforts, a crafty hacker has got their latest tablet OS Windows RT running on a mobile, the HTC HD2.
By | December 31st, 2012
More than 40pc rise in developer revenue on Windows Phone in last 30 days
Microsoft says that there has been a rise of more than 40pc in the developer revenue of the past 30 days since the launch of SDK...
By | December 31st, 2012
Visual Studio 2012 Update 1 available; enhanced support for XP
Microsoft has released the first in a series of planned Updates for Visual Studio 2012, and it's more than just bug fixes...
By | November 29th, 2012
Windows 8 Usability Disappointing, says usability guru Jakob Nielsen
Jakob Nielsen, a leading usability consultant claims Windows 8 UI to be disappointing for both novice and power users.
By | November 20th, 2012
Q3 2012 Numbers for smartphones: Top 10 manufacturers, platforms
Interesting numbers in the Q3 report on smartphone markets by platform and companies...
By | November 16th, 2012