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Valve CEO on Steam Box: says it will work on Linux
Gabe Newell, the CEO at Valve said that they are working hard at designing their very own hardware which will be marketed directly by the company...
By | January 12th, 2013
Valve has Plans to Release its own Console
Valve has till now been an exclusively software-oriented company, but now it seems that they have their own hardware gaming console in sight...
By | December 12th, 2012
Steam for Linux Beta now Available
After conducting a beta participation survey over the past two weeks, Valve has finally sent out invites for their Linux beta.
By | November 8th, 2012
Valve Opens Steam Greenlight to Software and Concepts
Valve has been quickly iterating on their Greenlight service ever since they launched it on August 30th of this year. The latest additions to Greenlight are categories for Software and Concepts.
By | October 18th, 2012
Valve Launches the First Software Titles on Steam
The first batch of software is now available on Steam, and given the focus of the platform, even most of the software have to do with games.
By | October 3rd, 2012
Steam for Linux and Big Picture Mode Coming “Fairly quickly”
Valve has given some confirmation about some of its major upcoming technologies, and it seems a lot is going to be happening in the next few months.
By | August 18th, 2012
Occulus Rift Seeks Funding for the Future of VR
It seems a new revolution in computer displays is around the corner. VR, or Virtual Reality has been around as a concept for quite a long time, and on the surface of it, it seems simple enough...
By | August 17th, 2012