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Mozilla Announces Shumway, a JavaScript-Based Flash Player

Shumway is a project that aims to build an SWF parser that uses web technologies and as such can work directly in a browser without needing a plug-in.

In archive | 14 Nov 2012
Mozilla Releases Popcorn Maker

Popcorn Maker is an open source web application for creating interactive experiences driven by web video.

In archive | 12 Nov 2012
Google Improves their Cloud SQL service; Adds Free Trial

Google has announced a number of changes for their Cloud SQL service that improve the service and bring more options for those considering the service.

In archive | 10 Nov 2012
Steam for Linux Beta now Available

After conducting a beta participation survey over the past two weeks, Valve has finally sent out invites for their Linux beta.

In archive | 08 Nov 2012
OpenSUSE for ARM now Available

The popular OpenSUSE Linux distribution has made its first release for the ARM platform with an ARM version of its latest openSUSE 12.2 version.

In archive | 08 Nov 2012
Chrome Apps can now run a Web Server

Google has just introduced a new API for packaged Google Chrome apps that allows them to accept TCP connections.

In archive | 03 Nov 2012
Amazon Reduces Some EC2 Prices; Launches new Instance Type

Amazon has launched a new set of standard instances for their EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud) service that are optimised for “media encoding, batch processing, caching, and web serving.”

In archive | 02 Nov 2012
Windows 8: From a Vantage Point

After all the negative views about Windows 8, let’s take a look at some of the awesome features that come with the latest version of Windows.

In archive | 02 Nov 2012
AWS Elastic Beanstalk now Supports Ruby, VPC Deployments

If you are a Ruby developer and were looking into Amazon Web Services for hosting, they may just have some good news for you.

In archive | 02 Nov 2012
Games Account for Majority of Phone and Tablet Usage

A study from Flurry shows the immense popularity of gaming among tablet and smartphone owners.

In archive | 02 Nov 2012