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Dart Web UI Library Reaches Testing Phase
Google has just released a Web UI library for their Dart programming language.
By | December 24th, 2012
W3C Completes HTML5 Draft; Moves on to HTML5.1
The W3C has taken HTML features that have become de facto standards, pulled them in under the banner of HTML5.
By | December 19th, 2012
Tech giants to collaborate on docs for web developers
All the major players related to open web platform announced their collaboration on a project for joint documentation on web development...
By | October 9th, 2012
Opera 12.10 beta released
Opera has beta released version 12.10 of its desktop browser for Windows and Mac. Here's a list of features included in this release.
By | October 4th, 2012
Google Adding Support for Do Not Track in Chrome
Google Chrome has held out for this long, but soon it too will be adding the Do Not Track option that all other browsers have implemented.
By | September 16th, 2012
A Look at CSS Variables
It's quite likely, you may wonder why CSS would need variables. But then, with such a rapidly evolving segment of web technology you might be interested in knowing why.
By | September 11th, 2012
Preview 7 of Edge Animate Released by Adobe
Adobe has released a new preview version of their HTML-based design and animation tool; and this release comes not only with numerous new features, but also a change in the name of the product...
By | August 21st, 2012
W3C and WHATWG Split the HTML Standard
Seems like the confusion surrounding HTML5 wasn't enough, the major bodies associated with its development the W3C and the WHATWG have now parted ways...
By | July 26th, 2012
Firefox 14 Released; Adds Pointer Lock API
The Pointer Lock API that makes it much FPS / TPS games on the web possible is not available in Firefox and Chrome.
By | July 17th, 2012
Third Party Browsers Blocked on Windows 8 for ARM?
It seems Microsoft is making it difficult for third parties to create browsers for Windows 8 tablets. A blog post on Mozilla’s website claims that Firefox will not be able to bring a proper version of Firefox to Windows 8 tablets due to restrictions by Microsoft...
By | July 16th, 2012