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Google not Looking into Windows Phone 8 for its Business Apps

It seems that at present Google has little interest in developing Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 versions of its business apps.

In archive | 18 Dec 2012
On FTC, Kids and Growing Concerns About Privacy

Privacy is already a rather hot-button issue nowadays, but when it comes to the privacy of children, the issue is greatly compounded.

In archive | 17 Dec 2012
Firefox OS Simulator Reaches 1.0

The Firefox OS Simulator is distributed as a Firefox add-on, which when installed allows you to launch Firefox OS straight from Firefox.

In archive | 16 Dec 2012
BlackBerry 10 SDK Goes “Gold”

For those looking forward to developing for the BlackBerry 10 there is good news.

In archive | 13 Dec 2012
Linux Kernel 3.8 Coming With a few Major Changes

As Linux Kernel 3.7 releases, work doesn’t stop on Linux, and the upcoming 3.8 release seems to be an interesting one indeed.

In archive | 13 Dec 2012
WordPress 3.5 Released; Brings Responsive Theme and Developer Features

WordPress 3.5 “Elvin” has been released and brings a number of improvements to the popular CMS.

In archive | 13 Dec 2012
Adobe Announces Major Update to Creative Cloud

Adobe’s subscription-based Creative Cloud service has just received a major update that purportedly adds a number of new products to individual products and to the service as a whole.

In archive | 12 Dec 2012
Valve has Plans to Release its own Console

Valve has till now been an exclusively software-oriented company, but now it seems that they have their own hardware gaming console in sight.

In archive | 12 Dec 2012
SparkleShare v1 Released

SparkleShare is an impressive open source project that has an interesting twist of file synchronization.

In archive | 12 Dec 2012
HP webOS Could be Coming to new Phones

While HP doesn’t seem to know what to do with webOS, which it purchased from Palm and subsequently killed, members of a group called Phoenix International Communications seems to have a plan.

In archive | 12 Dec 2012