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Mozilla Announces Firefox OS Developer Phones
This is the year Firefox OS launches, and Mozilla has kicked it off with the next stage for their OS.
By | January 23rd, 2013
Firefox OS Simulator Reaches 1.0
The Firefox OS Simulator is distributed as a Firefox add-on, which when installed allows you to launch Firefox OS straight from Firefox.
By | December 16th, 2012
Mozilla releases Firefox OS simulator
Mozilla has released an addon to firefox, called r2d2b2g which allows developers to install and use the simulator for Firefox OS on their very own desktop...
By | November 17th, 2012
Nokia introduces HERE mapping services across all platforms
Nokia has announced a string of updates and a rebranding to its mapping services. Besides Lumia phones, it is also opening up to iOS and Android devices which are soon to receive a bounty of Here maps and an SDK for the Android platform.
By | November 15th, 2012
Mozilla Makes it Easier to Play with Firefox OS
Just recently Mozilla developers created an add-on that would allow you to install, run and test Firefox OS straight from the browser...
By | October 11th, 2012
Check out Firefox OS with an Add-on for Firefox
If you have been itching to have a look at Mozilla’s upcoming smartphone operating system Firefox OS you now have the perfect opportunity to try it out...
By | October 5th, 2012
What You Need to Know About Mozilla’s Firefox OS
Imagine an OS that has only a browser installed, boots straight into it. This is the premise of both Firefox OS and Chrome OS, but the similarities end there.
By | July 30th, 2012