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Microsoft updates IE10 to enable Flash by default
Microsoft has recently changed its policy regarding the default behaviour of flash player in IE10, which was configured to block websites using the flash plugin until it was in its compatibility list...
By | March 25th, 2013
Microsoft announces release of Windows Embedded 8
Mirosoft just announced the release of Windows Embedded 8 Standard and Pro editions for OEMs and Businesses for use in embedded environments including specialized hardware...
By | March 21st, 2013
Microsoft concludes Appfest with participation of more than 10000 students
Microsoft, in collaboration with a number of educational institutions across the country, concluded an appfest in which more than 3000 complete apps were submitted by students from various colleges.
By | February 26th, 2013
Microsoft Releases Preview of Windows Embedded 8
Microsoft has released information about their upcoming embedded edition of Windows 8, and also a preview version of the OS.
By | January 15th, 2013
Windows RT Gets a Jailbreaking Tool
Not long after a hacker posted details of how a vulnerability in Windows NT kernel could be used to let unsigned applications run on the platform, a ready-made tool has appeared to do the job.
By | January 12th, 2013
Windows RT has Been Jailbroken, in a Way
It was only a matter of time, but it has happened, Windows RT has been jailbroken, kind of.
By | January 10th, 2013
PhoneGap 2.3.0 released to announce full support  for Windows Phone 8
With PhoneGap 2.3.0, full support for Windows Phone 8 is here, allowing you to write your own Windows Phone 8 apps!
By | January 9th, 2013
Dell to focus on Windows 8 tablets, abandons smartphones and Android
Dell has decided it will no longer be a part of the global smartphone market and instead will focus on Windows 8 tablets.
By | December 18th, 2012
Google not Looking into Windows Phone 8 for its Business Apps
It seems that at present Google has little interest in developing Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 versions of its business apps.
By | December 18th, 2012
Windows Blue rumored to be Microsoft’s future low-cost OS
Microsoft is rumored to be preparing its next-generation Windows client, Windows Blue, with new features, and a lower-cost upgrade pricing structure.
By | December 4th, 2012