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KDE’s Plasma Active can now run on the Nexus 7

KDE developers have managed to get Plasma Active 3 running on the Nexus 7 tablet.

In archive | 24 Dec 2012
Qt 5 Released by Digia

Digia the current owners of Qt have finally released a major update to the framework, Qt 5.

In archive | 23 Dec 2012
EFF Receives a Half-Million-Dollar Donation to Help Reform Patents

The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) just received a donations totalling half a million dollars towards their Defend Innovation project.

In archive | 22 Dec 2012
Online Code Editors: Cloud9 IDE

Cloud 9 is a popular online code editor that sees active development, and is quite polished, and functional.

In archive | 22 Dec 2012, A Mozilla WebFWD Project For Launching Web Apps

A project called aims to make it painless for web usesr and developers alike to deploy and launch web applications.

In archive | 22 Dec 2012
Support for H.264 Lands in Firefox Nightlies

Mozilla recently had to renegue on their stance again H.264 for web video and included it in the mobile Firefox version. Now it has come to Firefox for desktops as well.

In archive | 22 Dec 2012
Google Donates Computer Time to Science Projects

Google recently announced the recipients of the Google Exacycle for Visiting Faculty academic awards program.

In archive | 22 Dec 2012
W3C Completes HTML5 Draft; Moves on to HTML5.1

The W3C has taken HTML features that have become de facto standards, pulled them in under the banner of HTML5.

In archive | 19 Dec 2012
The Raspberry Pi now has its own Software Store

The creators of the Raspberry Pi have now simplified acquiring software even more with the launch of an official Raspberry Pi store.

In archive | 19 Dec 2012
CrossOver 12 Released

CodeWeavers has released CrossOver 12, the latest major release of CrossOver that comes with a number of interesting new features.

In archive | 18 Dec 2012