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PhoneGap Build now out of Beta

Among the other new products launched by Adobe under the Adobe Edge brand of tools and services is Adobe PhoneGap Build.

In archive | 25 Sep 2012
Adobe Releases Edge Animate 1.0

Edge Animate is Adobe’s designer-centric HTML editing tool that allows one to create complex animations and interaction in HTML.

In archive | 25 Sep 2012
Adobe Shadow Released as Edge Inspect

Adobe Shadow has now been renamed to Adobe Edge Inspect and is available as part of the Adobe Edge family of tools and services.

In archive | 25 Sep 2012
Adobe Announces Adobe Edge Tools and Services

Adobe has announced a new suite of tools and services for Creative Cloud members.

In archive | 25 Sep 2012
Google Adding Support for Do Not Track in Chrome

Google Chrome has held out for this long, but soon it too will be adding the Do Not Track option that all other browsers have implemented.

In archive | 16 Sep 2012
Google Makes it Easier to Port Java Code to Objective-C

Google has just released J2ObjC, an open-source tool that can convert Java code to Objective-C code.

In archive | 15 Sep 2012
The Multi-utility Audio Format Opus Gets Standardized

Opus is a new free, open and royalty-free audio format that has just been standardized by the IETF as RFC 6716.

In archive | 15 Sep 2012
Qt Creator 2.6 Beta Released With Support for Targeting Android and QNX

Qt continues to make strides towards better mobile support in Qt Creator 2.6 beta.

In archive | 13 Sep 2012
Apache Gets Patch to Ignore Internet Explorer 10’s Do Not Track Setting

It might seem like having privacy turned on by default would be a good feature, a major selling point for a browser. This is what Microsoft touted, and though when they enabled Do Not Track (DNT) by default in Internet Explorer 10.

In archive | 12 Sep 2012
A Look at CSS Variables

It’s quite likely, you may wonder why CSS would need variables. But then, with such a rapidly evolving segment of web technology you might be interested in knowing why.

In archive | 11 Sep 2012