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Firefox “Metro” Version for Windows 8 now Available for Preview

A preview version of Firefox with a Metro interface is now available.

In archive | 08 Oct 2012
Jolla Announces Plans to Unveil SDK and UI for their Upcoming OS

Jolla is giving MeeGo a fresh breath of life, more details of which will come on November 21-22 during the Slush 2012 conference.

In archive | 05 Oct 2012
Check out Firefox OS with an Add-on for Firefox

If you have been itching to have a look at Mozilla’s upcoming smartphone operating system Firefox OS you now have the perfect opportunity to try it out. Mozilla has released an extension that lets you test the OS on your own computer in an emulator.

In archive | 05 Oct 2012
Valve Launches the First Software Titles on Steam

The first batch of software is now available on Steam, and given the focus of the platform, even most of the software have to do with games.

In archive | 03 Oct 2012
Mozilla’s Universal Login Solution “Persona” Hits Beta

Tired of having to remember dozens of passwords? Move over autofills. In Persona, Mozilla just might have the solution for you.

In archive | 03 Oct 2012
First Open Source Edition of webOS Released

The Open webOS project has reached an important milestone, it is now out of beta and has released its first version.

In archive | 01 Oct 2012
Tizen 2.0 Alpha SDK and Source Code now Available

Before Tizen 1.0 has even shipped on a single device, we already have Tizen 2.0 well in development, and getting closer to release.

In archive | 30 Sep 2012
Flash Player to Move to a Rapid Release Cycle With 11.5

Adobe has just released a beta of Flash Player 11.5 and announced that they will be moving to a rapid release cycle for Flash Player.

In archive | 27 Sep 2012
Adobe Launches Free Edge Web Fonts Service

As part of their Edge suite of tools and services, Adobe also launched a web service called Edge Web Fonts that serves fonts for web applications.

In archive | 27 Sep 2012
Enyo Part 3: Onyx

Onyx extends and improves the library of components available for Enyo by adding additional features and styling.

In archive | 26 Sep 2012