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Opera Begins “Preparing for Windows 8”

With the latest blog post by the Opera Desktop team it seems likely that we will see a Windows 8 version of the browser in the future.

In archive | 04 Sep 2012
Open webOS Beta Released

HP has reached a major milestone in its efforts to open source webOS. They have released a beta of webOS.

In archive | 04 Sep 2012
Qt 5 Beta now Available

Despite all the troubles surrounding the Qt ecosystem recently, the first beta of the next major update to the framework has just been released.

In archive | 31 Aug 2012
Firefox Getting its own Command Line

Do you ever wish you had an easy command line interface for you browser? If you’re answer is “yes” you are about to get exactly what you wanted.

In archive | 31 Aug 2012
Adobe Leaves Spry to the community, Embraces jQuery Fully

Adobe has announced that they will stop investing on their own Spry framework and embrace jQuery more fully

In archive | 31 Aug 2012
The Blender Game Engine Makes it to Android

As part of this year’s Google Summer of Code, Alexandr Kuznetsov worked towards porting this game engine to OpenGL ES, and to make it work on Android.

In archive | 29 Aug 2012
Dropbox Adding Two-Factor Authentication

If you are a Dropbox user, here is a feature you should immediately be taking advantage of, two-factor authentication.

In archive | 27 Aug 2012
Qt Necessitas Alpha 4 Released With Better Android Integration

Necessitas is a project with the aim of brining support for Android to Qt has come quite a long way.

In android | 27 Aug 2012
Android Apps to run on Jolla’s MeeGo Phone

In a recent interview, the CEO of Jolla, Jussi Hurmola mentioned that they would include support for running Android applications on their MeeGo-based phones.

In archive | 26 Aug 2012
Microsoft Revamps its Looks as Product Launches Approach

Windows 8 is coming soon, and Office 2013 isn’t that far away either. Both products feature a brand new logo, and to go with that new look Microsoft is updating their own logo as well.

In archive | 24 Aug 2012