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New entry in devworx block. Trying to do a bit of romance with technical writing. I am not an expert....but not all authors are cut from the same cloth. I tweet @aemrit

RIM: BlackBerry 10 to have biggest app-etite at launch

BlackBerry’s developers want BlackBerry 10 OS to surpass the number of apps launched on any first-generation smartphone OS. That’s the reason why RIM has been hitting app creators hard since May hosting BlackBerry Jam developer sessions around the world.

In archive | 11 Sep 2012
Java Is No Longer Needed. Pull The Plug-In

For nearly everyone, it’s time to dump Java. Once promising, it has outlived its usefulness in the browser, and has become a nightmare that delights cyber-criminals at the expense of computer users.

In archive | 07 Sep 2012
All you need to know about Cloud Computing

Whether it is the aisles of power in government offices, carpeted corner offices in large enterprises or high-energy start-ups and small businesses, the ruling technology buzzword appears to be cloud computing. Learn from Abraham Karimpana, the definition, scope and advantages of cloud computing.

In archive | 06 Sep 2012
Google brings voice navigation to India

Google launched its much-awaited navigation service in India. The feature, will be available for free on Android phones and tablets. The feature would allow travelers, whether they are driving or walking, to get directions to a place through turn-by-turn voice instructions.

In archive | 06 Sep 2012
SkyDrive launches on Android Smartphones, brings Faux Modern UI experience

Microsoft is launching an app for its cloud storage service SkyDrive for Android. The update brings the new Metro UI to Android. Microsoft is integrating the service into Windows 8, using the Modern UI, where tile sizes represent files and folders.

In archive | 04 Sep 2012
Who’s leading mobile app efforts? Not IT

Survey finds business units are funding mobile app projects and BYOD dominates among business partners, not just employees.

In archive | 28 Aug 2012
McAfee offers new privacy protection to Android device users

At a time when the number of cyber-attacks on Android-based devices is skyrocketing, new features in McAfee’s Mobile Security software are aimed at keeping dangerous Android apps from stealing personal information.

In archive | 27 Aug 2012
New Devanagari font ‘KunKun’ released

Neha Bahuguna has released KunKun Devanagari – a Devanagari handwriting typeface, designed to convey informal and personal messages. Released in three variations, these informal Devanagari fonts can be used in your projects.

In archive | 21 Aug 2012
The future of mobile calls is VoIP and video

Voice over IP also known VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol, is a transmission techniques involved in the delivery of voice communications and multimedia sessions over Internet Protocol (IP) networks, such as the Internet. Joel Evans, based on his personal experience crowns VoIP and video as the future of mobile calls.

In archive | 20 Aug 2012
JavaScript fundamentals: development for absolute beginners

JavaScript is a programming language that makes web sites interactive. Bob Tabor with the help of 21 episodes teaches you the concepts applicable to web based videogames, enhanced user interfaces, and dynamic web pages.

In archive | 20 Aug 2012