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HP looking to hire 50+ developers for WebOS

HP is looking to hire 50+ developers for the webOS platform, marking a new turn for the company’s troubled mobile market play.

In archive | 06 Oct 2012
Adobe gears up with Web dev push

The Adobe Edge set of design and animation tools embraces HTML5 to address the modern web. The tools will be offered as part of the Edge Tools & Services collection via the Adobe Creative Cloud online tools service.

In archive | 01 Oct 2012
Bihar to get its first IT park

Bihar is getting its first IT park at Bihta, 30 km from the state capital Patna. It will be later developed as Bihar’s IT hub.

In archive | 26 Sep 2012
devworx announces Savvy Contest!

Participate in devworx Savvy contest and you can win Reliance 3G Tab V9A, Micromax Superfone Punk A44, Philips GoGear Mix MP3 Player, Philips SHS 390, Smiledrive Wristband Pen Drive, Digit T-Shirts and many more exciting prizes.

In archive | 21 Sep 2012
Steve Wozniak hates the Apple-Samsung patent fight

Apple’s co-founder Steve Wozniak, shares his view on landmark patent decision. He’s also excited about the iPhone 5, specifically about its camera.

In archive | 21 Sep 2012
What you may not know about Linux, Red Hat & Open Source

With the help of an an interesting inforgraphic, get to know some intresting facts about Linux, Red Hat and Open Source.

In archive | 20 Sep 2012
Why it’s so tough to be successful in Apple’s App Store?

Becoming successful in Apple’s App Store is very hard. In fact most developers underestimate how hard it is to get success. Even though Apple improves things, it’ll not come that easy. Ouriel Ohayon, cofounder of Appsfire, shows us why this problem is so hard to solve.

In archive | 20 Sep 2012
Intel divulges new HTML5 programming tools

Intel is promoting cross-platform app development and says that HTML5 will help reduce app dev costs and increase revenue for developers.

In archive | 14 Sep 2012
Latest in APIs: Twitter API drops RSS Support, Facebook API Updates and 21 new APIs

ProgrammableWeb in its latest blog talks about New Twitter API changes, Facebook’s Desktop Web Games policy changes, Amazon Glacier Interview. Plus Twilio announces Queue Developer Contest, AlchemyAPI Releases German Sentiment Analysis, Beeminder Adds API for its goal tracking app and 21 New APIs.

In archive | 13 Sep 2012
Xamarin presents new reading assignments for Mobile Developers

The Xamarin Developer Center has added heap of amazing new material to their portal for the mobile developers. Ranging from cross platform to Android and iOS it has brought in a whole new set of guides for them.

In archive | 12 Sep 2012