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Intel releasing its own Hadoop software system

New Intel distribution for Apache Hadoop software features best of Intel computing hardware, software for improved performance and security.

In archive | 05 Mar 2013
Google catches Apple in app race

Apple is losing its advantage in smartphone applications to Google, diminishing one of the iPhone’s big selling points.

In archive | 21 Feb 2013
Microsoft launches Modern.IE to help cross-platform web app testing

Microsoft is making a large push to help web developers with the launch of Modern.IE. This new site will aim at helping the developers code more efficiently by offering two tools to do so.

In archive | 01 Feb 2013
Step-by-step guide to Jailbreak iOS 6.1 Beta 5 for pre-A5 devices

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to jailbreak a pre-A5 device running on iOS 6.1 beta 5.

In archive | 30 Jan 2013
Platform-as-a-Service provider ActiveState aligns with HP And Cloud Foundry

Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) provider ActiveState becomes the official PaaS for the entire HP cloud business. It won this deal through the strength of Stackato, its PaaS that uses Cloud Foundry to offer a distributed developer platform.

In archive | 28 Jan 2013
RIM targets for comeback with BlackBerry 10

RIM is expected to cover its bases next week by introducing its operating system, BlackBerry 10 and a pair of new handsets — one with a physical keyboard and another that’s all touchscreen.

In archive | 28 Jan 2013
HTML5 versus Native Mobile Apps: myths debunked

Aidan Quilligan, managing director of Accenture Embedded Software Services, in this post discusses the myths and misconceptions surrounding the use of native mobile apps versus apps developed for the mobile Web.

In archive | 24 Jan 2013
JFrog unveils first beta social platform for software developers

Bintray is industry’s first social platform for storage and distribution of software libraries, enabling developers to publish, download and share software across one unified community globally.

In archive | 22 Jan 2013
Microsoft upgrades its System Center for hybrid cloud work

System Center’s new service pack and Windows Server 2012 will help an IT administrator to create Hyper-V virtual machines and deploy them to internal data center, remote hosting service provider or public cloud.

In archive | 18 Jan 2013
Google to let developers retort to user reviews

Google is doing everything possible to make its Play Store more accessible for developers by allowing them to respond to user comments.

In archive | 17 Jan 2013