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Rover Curiosity Streams Live from Planet Mars

The historic landing of Mars rover Curiosity, which JPL streamed to hundred thousands of concurrent viewers, was enabled by Adobe Media Server and Amazon Web Services (AWS) developed on a combination of Adobe Flash Media Server, Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) instances running the popular nginx caching tier, Elastic Load Balancing, Amazon Route 53 for DNS management, and Amazon CloudFront for content delivery.

In archive | 17 Aug 2012
Google’s voice search for iOS: is Siri going anywhere?

With the introduction of Google‘s Voice Search for iOS, Siri’s drawbacks are becoming more evident. And with Apple, looking to sever ties with Google as much as possible, it gives an impression that Siri is going nowhere.

In archive | 16 Aug 2012
Microsoft bans apps with ‘Metro’ in the title from the Windows Store (update)

Microsoft is stepping things up in its plan to rid itself of the Metro branding in order to avoid a trademark dispute with a German partner. It is refusing to certify any app with “metro” in its name means that it’s forcing third-party developers to avoid a trademark dispute, too.

In archive | 16 Aug 2012
Samsung Galaxy S3 to become first global HD VoLTE smartphone

Samsung Electronics, the South Korean giant, will soon become the first company ever to use Voice over Long Term Evolution (VoLTE) technology in its Galaxy S3. VoLTE uses an IP packet-based service for both voice and data, allowing for new multimedia services to be introduced, such as being able to convert from voice call to video call.

In archive | 14 Aug 2012
Facebook announces the Developer World HACK 2012

Facebook has announced the Developer World HACK 2012, a two-month series of hackathon events for software developers. In India it will be held in Bangalore on September 17, 2012. Developers have to build amazing Facebook apps at the HACK. The region-wise winners of the contest will get an opportunity to visit the Facebook office and meet the team in San Francisco.

In archive | 14 Aug 2012