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Amazon Launches Kindle Store in India

Amazon has just launched the Kindle and Kindle books in India.

In archive | 23 Aug 2012
Google Releases new JavaScript Benchmark

Google has created a new suite of benchmarks called Octane for testing a browser’s JavaScript performance.

In archive | 23 Aug 2012
Flash Player 11.4, AIR 3.4 out; Flash Builder 4.7 Coming Soon

This is the third release (after 11.2, and 11.3) according to the Flash Platform Roadmap released by Adobe a couple of months back, and things seem to be going mostly by the roadmap.

In archive | 22 Aug 2012
Amazon Unveils Glacier Storage for Archived Data

Amazon has unveiled a new cloud-based storage solution called Glacier that’s is designed to be used for storing large volumes of archived data.

In archive | 22 Aug 2012
Preview 7 of Edge Animate Released by Adobe

Adobe has released a new preview version of their HTML-based design and animation tool; and this release comes not only with numerous new features, but also a change in the name of the product. Adobe Edge is now Adobe Edge Animate to better reflect its core functionality.

In archive | 21 Aug 2012
Rumour: Microsoft Might Move Windows to a Faster Release Cycle

Could Windows be moving to a faster release cycle? Some hints towards a possibility seem to have been uncovered recently.

In archive | 21 Aug 2012
Amazon Adds Support for Python to Elastic Beanstalk

Amazon has just added support for Python applications to their Elastic Beanstalk service.

In archive | 21 Aug 2012
HEVC Draft Released; Twice as Efficient as H.264

MPEG (Moving Picture Experts Group) has been working on a new video format that supersedes H.264 / AVC (Advanced Video Coding) and allows for twice the efficiency.

In archive | 20 Aug 2012
MySQL Heading Down a Closed Path?

It seems that Oracle has begun closing off parts of the MySQL development process, thus causing worries that the openness of the database system is in jeopardy.

In archive | 19 Aug 2012
Steam for Linux and Big Picture Mode Coming “Fairly quickly”

Valve has given some confirmation about some of its major upcoming technologies, and it seems a lot is going to be happening in the next few months.

In archive | 18 Aug 2012