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New entry in devworx block. Trying to do a bit of romance with technical writing. I am not an expert....but not all authors are cut from the same cloth. I tweet @aemrit

A Durham-based startup developing an app to build apps

A Durham-based start-up, headed by Juan Porras, is developing a software application that allows non-developers to build their own software applications for mobile devices – or an app for creating apps.

In archive | 20 Nov 2012
Q3 2012 Numbers for smartphones: Top 10 manufacturers, platforms

Interesting numbers in the Q3 report on smartphone markets by platform and companies…

In archive | 16 Nov 2012
What to expect from this year’s NASSCOM Game Developers Conference

Mr. Rajeev Vaishnav, Vice President-Member Outreach, NASSCOM in an exclusive interview with Digit, reveals what to expect at this year’s NASSCOM Game Developers Conference.

In archive | 02 Nov 2012
India’s new shopping destination: The mobile phone

Opera Software’s State of the Mobile Web report reveals increased traffic towards e-commerce portals.

In archive | 01 Nov 2012
New Mobile Application for Enterprise Asset Management

Infor announces the availability of Infor EAM Mobile, an innovative enterprise asset management application for the Apple iPad. It empowers field workers with real-time data exchange, increasing efficiency and productivity.

In archive | 30 Oct 2012
FileMaker looks for credibility as mobile apps development platform

Apple’s software subsidiary, Filemaker, is positioning its database as another way small businesses that can create smartphone or tablet applications for internal use.

In archive | 24 Oct 2012
devworx brings Tarkik Hunt Contest!

devworx announces Tarkik Hunt Contest! Participate & win exciting prizes like Samsung Galaxy S3 smartphone, Sony MP3 Player, Adata External HDD, Lenovo Mini Speaker, Silicon Power pen drives, Digit branded polo t-shirts, Digit Subscriptions and many more.

In archive | 22 Oct 2012
Microsoft Office Suite coming to Android and iOS in 2013

Google is taking word editing very seriously and this move could be the main reason behind Microsoft’s push to quickly get Office on Android and iOS.

In archive | 16 Oct 2012
Microsoft to take new approach for Windows app development

Windows 8 signals a jumbo change, which will need a major exertion in rewriting existing applications. And that’s the reason Microsoft is taking new approach for Windows app development.

In archive | 11 Oct 2012
Internet publishers facing tough choices due to mobile computing wars

Mobile wars are posing tough choices for developers. While developing apps for iPhone seems to easy, developing apps for Windows 8, Android or for BlackBerry devices are not easy.

In archive | 08 Oct 2012