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EFF files formal objection against DRM in HTML5

Electronic Frontier Foundaion has filed a formal objection against the inclusion of DRM features in the HTML5 specification.

In open web | 01 May 2014
Package management on Linux

Learn the easy way to package your software into .deb and .rpm like a boss.

In tech | 01 Jan 2014
Microsoft previews Visual Studio 2013 and more at BUILD conference

Microsoft announced the availability of Visual Studio 2013 preview among other major updates relevant to mobile app developers at its BUILD conference.

In archive | 27 Jun 2013
Dart SDK and Editor released as beta

Google’s Dart SDK and Editor just hit the beta release, with great performance improvements and newer additions to features like better code completion etc.

In archive | 21 Jun 2013
BlackBerry 10.2 SDK Beta released

BlackBerry has announced the release of the latest BlackBerry SDK 10.2 which now allows users to run Android 4.2 apps.

In archive | 18 Jun 2013
Bing Voice search is now faster and more accurate with latest update

Microsoft has released a software update to its Bing Voice Search for Windows Phone devices which can now experience the voice search which is now much faster and more accurate than ever before.

In archive | 18 Jun 2013
Apple releases iOS 7 at WWDC

Apple just announced the latest release of their mobile operating system at their WWDC in the form of iOS 7 which is expected to hit iPhone, iPad and similar devices soon this year.

In archive | 11 Jun 2013
Opera launches the latest installment of its mobile browser

Opera has launched a new installment of its Opera Mini browser, which is now at version 4.5 for feature phones with limited capabilities and at version 7.5 for slightly better phones. The new features include a privacy mode among numerous other improvements.

In archive | 06 Jun 2013
Chrome steadily gaining in mobile browser market share

Statistics from NetMarketShare suggest that Chrome is steadily gaining ground as a popular mobile browser, at least among the Android users while Safari has lost a little bit of it pie although it still leads others by a wide margin. Other browsers like the Android default browser and Opera Mini have had only minor fluctuations in their share.

In archive | 04 Jun 2013
Opera releases beta version of its Chromium based browser

Opera has just announced the latest iteration of its Google Chromium based browser which has now been re-written right from the scratch. The new browser, which is known as Opera Next 15 is a beta version and is expected to incorporate the upcoming Blink rendering engine from Google in the near future.

In archive | 28 May 2013