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Google catches Apple in app race
Apple is losing its advantage in smartphone applications to Google, diminishing one of the iPhone's big selling points.
By | February 21st, 2013
App monetisation: Five secrets to success
How good is a business, if it doesn't earn revenue? Pretty much the same applies to an app development business. These five secrets mentioned below are a recipe for higher revenues...
By | November 16th, 2012
Marico releases Android and iPhone apps for investors
Marico released iPhone and android apps for improving its investor relations. The app was developed by The Web Depot and focuses on annual reports, quarterly results and news related to the company.
By | September 5th, 2012
Develop Your First iOS App – Building the Code
In part 2 of the series on developing an iOS application, we explore the tools involved. Here, we begin with Xcode.
By | August 29th, 2012
McAfee offers new privacy protection to Android device users
At a time when the number of cyber-attacks on Android-based devices is skyrocketing, new features in McAfee’s Mobile Security software are aimed at keeping dangerous Android apps from stealing personal information.
By | August 27th, 2012
The buzz in messaging
We spoke to Lars Hoogweg, CTO, Nimbuzz and sought to understand its strategy, its recent shift to India, and the vast array of development platforms available today.
By | July 16th, 2012