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Rahul Mehra is the co-founder of UGS Academy and CEO of UG Software Technologies. He’s a seasoned technocrat with more than 14 years of experience and specializes in web and mobile applications. He tweets


Here’s a closer look at lean development, an important component for application development.

In archive | 20 Sep 2012
Is there money to be made in app development?

We hear success stories about apps, and get excited to hop on the bandwagon. Is this as exciting a space as is made out to be? How lucrative is app development?

In archive | 06 Sep 2012
Develop Your First iOS App – Building the Code

In part 2 of the series on developing an iOS application, we explore the tools involved. Here, we begin with Xcode.

In archive | 29 Aug 2012
Careers in Mobile App Development – An Insight

With technology taking over every aspect of our lives and mobile technology taking over in an unprecedented way, there is a career opportunity waiting to explode (has already creating tremors) in the field of mobile apps development.

In archive | 11 Aug 2012
Develop Your First iOS App – Planning to get there

Developing your own iPhone or iPad app can be cool and tricky at the same time. It takes time and patience to develop an app (often much more than it took me to write this article). But once you’ve decided to go ahead with it, things get easier and interesting!

In archive | 11 Aug 2012