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Lightspark 0.7.0 Released

There are now a number of projects focussed on creating an open source alternative to Flash Player; and Lightspark is one of them.

In archive | 29 Oct 2012
What to Expect When You’re Expecting Windows 8

So Windows 8 is about to be in your hands in just a few days. Will it be the bundle of joy you expected?

In archive | 24 Oct 2012
Google Simplifies NaCl Development

Google has created an add-on for Visual Studio, making it easier to develop and test NaCl applications.

In archive | 21 Oct 2012
Mozilla’s Marketplace now Available via Firefox Aurora for Android

Mozilla’s own marketplace for open web applications seems to be around the horizon.

In archive | 19 Oct 2012
Plasma Active 3 now available

It seems like there is a release of a new version of a tablet OS nearly every other week. Just goes to show how important and popular that form factor is turning out to be. The latest to release is Plasma Active Three, a tablet-centric OS in development by the KDE community.

In archive | 19 Oct 2012
Linux Foundation’s solution for secure boot woes

Secure Boot, as its name suggests, is a security feature that—if supported by hardware—can make the boot process much less vulnerable to viruses and other malware. The way UEFI and Secure Boot do this is to only execute an operating system’s boot loader and drivers if they are signed by an accepted boot loader.

In archive | 19 Oct 2012
Google Open Sources the Supersonic Query Engine

Google has recently open sourced a library that is designed to be a fast query engine for column-oriented database backends. The Supersonic Query Engine is their latest open source offering.

In archive | 19 Oct 2012
Valve Opens Steam Greenlight to Software and Concepts

Valve has been quickly iterating on their Greenlight service ever since they launched it on August 30th of this year. The latest additions to Greenlight are categories for Software and Concepts.

In archive | 18 Oct 2012
Mozilla Makes it Easier to Play with Firefox OS

Just recently Mozilla developers created an add-on that would allow you to install, run and test Firefox OS straight from the browser. Now they have added another convenient way to test Firefox OS.

In archive | 11 Oct 2012
Firefox 16 Released: mass Unprefixings and new Features

Mozilla has released Firefox 16 in the stable channel, and it is an interesting release indeed. If Firefox weren’t on a rapid release cycle, this could be considered a major release.

In archive | 11 Oct 2012