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Vserv stats say: India is an “App Superpower” – the mobile advertising network has published statistics related to apps in the Indian market and has concluded that India is leading the world in app consumption while the app development scene is equally good.

In archive | 29 Mar 2013
Inmobi launches App Publish to distribute Android apps to 130+ app stores

Inmobi has launched an Android app distribution platform called App Publish, which allows publishers to push their applications to more than 130 app stores.

In archive | 28 Mar 2013
Blackberry 10 reaches a milestone of 100,000 apps

Blackberry 10, the latest platform announced by the canadian giant of the same name (formerly RIM) has now reached a milestone of 100,000 apps. This has grown from 70,000 apps back in January 2013 which were available on launch.

In archive | 25 Mar 2013
Adobe launches Creative Cloud with a cheap monthly subscription

Adobe has launched Creative Cloud for Teams aimed at small and medium businesses with a cheap subscription model.The promotional pricing has been announced to be Rs. 2885 per month until April 30 and will be revised to Rs. 4040 later. This product will allow users to install Creative Suite desktop software like Photoshop, Lightroom etc., with additional features including updates and cloud storage upto 100GB .

In archive | 25 Mar 2013
Microsoft updates IE10 to enable Flash by default

Microsoft has recently changed its policy regarding the default behaviour of flash player in IE10, which was configured to block websites using the flash plugin until it was in its compatibility list. With the latest update, all websites are now allowed to use the flash plugin on the latest browser.

In archive | 25 Mar 2013
Apple Hires Adobe CTO – Kevin Lynch

Kevin Lynch, the Chief Technology Officer at Adobe is now moving to Apple and will be working as the VP of Technology under the current head of hardware. Adobe announced that they are not looking to replace this position as of now.

In archive | 21 Mar 2013
Microsoft announces release of Windows Embedded 8

Mirosoft just announced the release of Windows Embedded 8 Standard and Pro editions for OEMs and Businesses for use in embedded environments including specialized hardware.

In archive | 21 Mar 2013
All India Radio launches Youtube channel and Android app

The nationalized radio channel All India Radio launched a new Android app and a Youtube channel in order to reach out to the newer generation and gain a better presence in the online social media.

In archive | 21 Mar 2013
Whatsapp announces subscription model for iOS

Whatsapp has announced that it will be moving to a yearly subscription model for new users on iOS in a manner similar to other platforms such as Android, Blackberry etc. It has said that the change in subscription strategy is to make things simpler and bring uniformity across all platforms.

In archive | 20 Mar 2013
Blackberry Secure Workspace coming for Android and iOS in June

Blackberry has announced a new security offering for Android and iOS devices which will provide separation of corporate and personal data, similar to the Blackberry “Balance” technology. Devices using this service can be managed through the Blackberry Enterprise Service 10 offering, which was recently announced as a cross platform service.

In archive | 15 Mar 2013