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Microsoft Office 365 to be deployed across all technical institutes in India

Microsoft has announced a partnership with AICTE to make its Office 365 suite of web applications mandatory across all technical institutions in India. The widely debatable initiative, which is being called Microsoft Live@Edu will see more than 7.5 users being added to Microsoft’s Cloud Computing infastructure.

In archive | 20 Apr 2013
Facebook announces Open Graph for mobiles and a new SDK for iOS

The new set of announcements are aimed at providing a better experience for mobile app developers to integrate Facebook into their applications. Though most of the announcement concerns iOS devices, further updates for the Android platform are to be expected soon.

In archive | 19 Apr 2013
Amazon to open its App Store in India and 200 other countries

Amazon has announced that its app store will now be available in India and more than 200 other countries where developers will be able to sell their apps to users locally and Internationally. It has already asked developers to start submitting their apps before the app store opens for general public.

In archive | 18 Apr 2013
Microsoft announces Windows Azure Infrastructure Services

Microsoft has announced availability of Windows Azure Infrastructure Services, thus expanding its Azure platform from being merely PaaS to IaaS based. It has also dropped its current prices by 21 to 33 percent and has promised to match up to any price drop that Amazon AWS goes through in the future.

In archive | 17 Apr 2013
Intel launches HTML5 app development tools

Intel released a new set of HTML5 tools at its ongoing Intel Developer Forum being held in beijing. The company says that this platform resembles a lot and is inspired from Appmobi’s HTML5 platform.

In archive | 15 Apr 2013
Google kills more than 60,000 spam apps from its Play Store

Coinciding with the launch of its new Play Store, there have been reports of Google killing more than 60,000 spam apps from the Play Store.

In archive | 10 Apr 2013
RHEL and OpenJDK break revolutionary benchmarks in Java execution

Red Hat announced that OpenJDK 7 running on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 broke all earlier records of Critical Java Operations per Second performance metric on the SPECjbb2013 benchmark. This is expected to show the much faster java execution speeds with OpenJDK software on the RHEL servers.

In archive | 08 Apr 2013
Planning Commission organizes hackathon to spread awareness about 12th plan

For the first time ever, in an effort to improve its connect with the young masses and to aid in the awareness of the 12th five year plan, the planning commission in collaboration with the National Innovation Council organized a two day hackathon on 6-7 April at more than 10 venues across India.

In archive | 07 Apr 2013
Oracle flexes its Cloud muscles with CloudWorld held in Mumbai

Oracle held a CloudWorld event to show off its Cloud offerings to partners in the Cloud technology market. More than 1000 business leaders from major organizations across India attended the event to discuss various partnership programs that were announced at the event.

In archive | 03 Apr 2013
Youtube shows off live streaming API for mobile apps

Youtube has announced a new platform with the help of which mobile app and game developers will be able to stream live videos directly to its website. The new functionality will allow gamers to stream live gameplay and will also prove to be a good marketing strategy for game developers.

In archive | 29 Mar 2013