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Nokia and New India Assurance to provide a handset insurance plan

Nokia and New India Assurance have announced a new partnership to provide a new handset insurance plan that will cover all risks related to theft, burglary and damages to mobile phones which are normally not covered under warranty.

In archive | 12 Mar 2013
Microsoft releases code samples for the Kinect for Windows platform

Microsoft has released around 22 code samples under an open source license to help developers get started on the Kinect for Windows platform.

In archive | 12 Mar 2013
Dropbox releases the much awaited Sync API for mobile developers

The new Sync API is expected to make life easier for app developers on Android and iOS platforms. It now automatically handles caching, syncing and allows working on files when the user is offline.

In archive | 08 Mar 2013
InMobi: Study shows mobile users are increasingly comfortable with ads

A study of more than 15,000 users has revealed that mobile ads are becoming one of the best ways to influence a users purchase, owing to the fact that mobile phones are one of the devices that get the most user attention throughout the day.

In archive | 07 Mar 2013
Samsung announces Wallet app with an API to rival Passbook functionality

Samsung has announced the availability of an app known as Samsung Wallet which will allow for Passbook like functionality on Samsung’s Android devices. It will be used to store tickets, boarding passes, membership cards etc., in an electronic form.

In archive | 05 Mar 2013
Microsoft concludes Appfest with participation of more than 10000 students

Microsoft, in collaboration with a number of educational institutions across the country, concluded an appfest in which more than 3000 complete apps were submitted by students from various colleges.

In archive | 26 Feb 2013
Google Chrome 25 debuts with flurry of new features

Google Chrome’s version 25 comes packed with a lot of new features for the web developers including the Web Speech API and WebRTC support.

In archive | 26 Feb 2013
Canonical announces Ubuntu for Tablets

In a move to make its Ubuntu operating system available across all devices, Canonical has announced the availability of Ubuntu for Tablets. A developer preview will soon be released for Nexus devices on Thursday. It will also be shown off during the upcoming Mobile World Congress.

In archive | 21 Feb 2013
Whatsapp violates privacy norms, say Canadian and Dutch Privacy Agencies

Whatsapp has recently come under fire for copying phone numbers of user’s contacts on its servers, despite the fact that some of them do not use their service. Both the privacy agencies have recommended Whatsapp to make changes ensuring its users’ privacy, or face penalties.

In archive | 30 Jan 2013
ITU approves H.265 video standard

The international regulatory body has finally approved a new video standard which will allow for better compression of data, it is highly relevant because of the fact that it will allow HD videos to be streamed more easily and even make 4K streaming possible in the future.

In archive | 28 Jan 2013