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Amazon announces App Engagement Reports to track app usage

After announcing the availability of its app store in more than 200 countries all over the world, Amazon is now all set to release app enagement reports to track app usage data for mobile app developers.

In archive | 25 May 2013
Unity is now free for individual Android and iOS developers

The Unity game engine has just gone from being $400 per license to completely free for Android and iOS mobile platforms. It is also expected to come up with BlackBerry 10 and Windows Phone 8 as deployment targets for free in the next few months.

In archive | 22 May 2013
BlackBerry updates its Enterprise Service to version 10.1

BlackBerry Enterprise Service, the Enterprise Mobility Management software from BlackBerry was just updated to version 10.1 with a host of new features including an improved dashboard, high availability support, easier install process etc.

In archive | 15 May 2013
BlackBerry announces Flurry Analytics for BB10

BlackBerry in a collaboration effort with Flurry has announced the availability of Flurry analytics SDK with BlackBerry 10 platform.

In archive | 15 May 2013
AICTE cancels its decision to make Office 365 mandatory in technical institutions

After an uproar against its decision to make Microsoft Office 365 mandatory in technical colleges across India, AICTE has now agreed to take back its decision after representatives from Free Software Movement of India opposed this move.

In archive | 11 May 2013
Microsoft announces big update to Youtube app for Windows Phone

Windows Phone has just received a fully integrated windows phone app with loads of new features and a redesigned interface. This update is also likely to reach Windows Phone 7.5 users in the coming few weeks.

In archive | 09 May 2013
Windows Azure surpasses $1 billion in sales

Microsoft has announced that its cloud services division including Windows Azure has surpassed more than $1 billion in sales, which goes on to prove how the software giant is continuously making inroads into the cloud market.

In archive | 01 May 2013
Opera sues ex-employee alleging confidentiality breach

Opera Software has sued its ex-employee named Trond Werner Hansen, alleging that he breached confidentiality agreements by divulging trade secrets to Mozilla.

In archive | 01 May 2013
Blackberry CEO says tablets will be obsolete in the next 5 years

Thorston Heins, the Blackberry CEO has said that the tablet market is likely to die out in the next five years since it does not have a really good business model.

In archive | 30 Apr 2013
Google bans developers from doing Non-Play store app updates

Google has banned all apps installed from the Play Store to update themselves without using the official update mechanism or in a way that bypasses the Play Store. This move will not affect apps that are sideloaded or are installed from sources other than the Play Store.

In archive | 26 Apr 2013