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Time to play
Nikhil Soman, Founder, Playblazer on the gaming industry from an Indian point of view as well as the challenges faced by game developers...
By | June 6th, 2013
Microsoft announces Windows Azure Infrastructure Services
Microsoft has announced availability of Windows Azure Infrastructure Services, thus expanding its Azure platform from being merely PaaS to IaaS based...
By | April 17th, 2013
box now on Windows Phone, among other plans
Here's a look at Box (formerly known as box.net), the online file sharing and cloud storage service that recently released its app for Windows Phone...
By | July 31st, 2012
Red Hat, apps and more
We spoke to Harish Pillay, Global Community and Technology Architect, Red Hat Inc. Here's the interview that sheds light on the cloud, apps and other trends in the enterprise market that's relevant to developers.
By | July 1st, 2012