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Google’s Motion Stills update on iOS improves Live Photos

The Live Photo-GIF maker has gotten better, along with a few additional features to get the users happy.

In apps | 18 Mar 2017
Amazon Alexa launched on iOS

Starting today, iPhone users can interact with Alexa on the Amazon app for iOS. All you need to do is update your Amazon store app and you’re good to go.

In apps | 18 Mar 2017
Is it Possible to Secure IoT?

Given the scope and variety of connected devices in industries that touch every corner of our lives, the implications for networks, and especially security, are huge.

In iot | 18 Mar 2017
How IoT and digital are boosting companies’ profitability

Use cases are showing that if businesses want to boost profitability from digital and the internet of things, they need to actively adapt to them – not the other way around

In iot | 18 Mar 2017
Microsoft Readies Windows Mixed Reality Developer Kits

The company partners with Acer to start deliveries of the kit, complete with a head-mounted display, later this month.

In tech | 18 Mar 2017
Microsoft Power BI Gateway Diagnoses Network Health Issues

A new update adds clarity to connectivity problems and includes new settings to help users fine-tune their deployments.

In analytics | 18 Mar 2017
Tilt gesture keyboard could hold promise for typing in VR

The researchers have called their tilt-based entry keyboard SWiM for short: aka ‘Shape Writing in Motion’.

In apps | 18 Mar 2017
Zuora Adds 30 More Applications to Cloud Business Suite

The Connect marketplace now totals about 100 apps created specifically for subscription businesses, including quoting, financial operations, data ingestion, e-signatures and ERP integrations.

In cloud | 17 Mar 2017
Ubuntu Linux Falls on Day 1 of Pwn2Own Hacking Competition

The first day of the Trend Micro-sponsored Pwn2Own competition awards $233,000 in prize money to security researchers for exploiting software with previously unknown vulnerabilities.

In analytics | 17 Mar 2017
Google’s new algorithm shrinks JPEG files by 35 percent

The Guetzli encoder could literally cut down the size of the web.

In apps | 17 Mar 2017