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Cloud security concerns shift beyond shared-responsibility model

Cloud security concerns may be less prominent in the enterprise, but users and vendors still need to work to ensure data stays safe, especially in higher-level services.

In cloud | 20 Mar 2017
Five tips to overcome OpenStack management challenges

Enterprises feel a sense of freedom with OpenStack, but management challenges can weigh them down. Use these tips to bolster your management strategy for the open source platform.

In cloud and iot | 19 Mar 2017
IoT edge computing presents next big challenge for cloud

IoT adoption continues to grow, but can public cloud keep up? Data gravity will affect how enterprises process data, prompting some cloud providers to rethink their strategy.

In iot | 18 Mar 2017
6 of the best web development apps for Android

In computing, a web-application or web-app is client-server software application in which client or user interface runs in a web browser.

In apps | 18 Mar 2017
Leaping into the cloud to develop enterprise apps

The rise of enterprise apps must be developed and tested in a secure environment before being rolled out for general consumption

In iot | 18 Mar 2017
The state of application development

Market demand for app development is set to soar in the next five years, but IT’s capacity to deliver them will fall short

In apps | 18 Mar 2017
How Mobile Application Development is Revolutionizing the World

According to a survey more than 70 percent of Americans are using smart mobile phones and more than 90 percent are using between the age of 18 to 27 and numbers will increase in the coming years.

In archive | 18 Mar 2017
Where will space technology take us next?

What excites most about space technologies is that it’s an opportunity for us to put the best of humanity forward into the future. It enables international cooperation, courage, boldness and entrepreneurship.

In archive | 18 Mar 2017
3 Things the Tech Industry Can’t Ignore

In the tech industry, it’s easy to get caught up in the minutiae. But we should all step back and witness an industry in transition.

In iot | 18 Mar 2017
Montblanc Unveils Its First Smartwatch

The Summit is an Android Wear 2.0-powered smartwatch that’s cheaper than alternatives from other European luxury brands like Tag Heuer.

In tech | 18 Mar 2017