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NVIDIA’s move into portable gaming console seems to be doomed

NVIDIA made a potentially misguided move into portable gaming consoles by announcing Project Shield, a small Tegra-4-powered handheld device, into a crowded and shrinking market.

In archive | 12 Jan 2013
Device OS irrelevant to majority consumers

A new study by Accenture reveals that two-thirds of smartphone and tablet owners don’t have strong brand loyalty to any one particular operating system.

In apps | 08 Jan 2013
Panasonic and four others join Smart TV Alliance

Panasonic and four other companies joined Smart TV Alliance, in a move to establish a common platform for building smart TV applications.

In archive | 08 Jan 2013
2012: An year of enterprise software

2012 was an active year, particularly from the standpoint of continued consolidation in the enterprise software markets.

In archive | 04 Jan 2013
WhatsApp sets up new single day record for the most published messages

WhatsApp sets a new single day record on December 31 for the most messages published, processing 18 billion total messages and exceeding its previous record of 10 billion messages.

In archive | 04 Jan 2013
Expectations from Microsoft in 2013

We may see Surface 2, Windows Blue, Windows Phone 8.5, Office 2013 and a new Xbox in 2013.

In archive | 02 Jan 2013
Predictions for enterprise software for next year

Take a look into what the future holds for enterprise software vendors and users in 2013.

In archive | 20 Dec 2012
devworx announces the BlackBerry 10 Apps Challenge contest

Participate in devworx BlackBerry 10 Apps Challenge contest and win assured prizes!

In archive | 20 Dec 2012
DevOps tools to support the cloud in future

More recently, the cloud has altered how IT pros interpret DevOps, and that could result in more efficient application design.

In archive | 19 Dec 2012
The 3 visual tooling changes – Making mobile devs life better

2013 is going to be an amazing year for mobile and web developers as tomorrow’s tooling is becoming much more visual in nature.

In archive | 17 Dec 2012