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App monetisation: Five secrets to success
How good is a business, if it doesn't earn revenue? Pretty much the same applies to an app development business. These five secrets mentioned below are a recipe for higher revenues...
By | November 16th, 2012
The business of monetisation
David Yin, General Manager - Developer Business, vserv.mobi sheds light on monetisation opportunities available for app developers, the unique AppWrapper product, and platforms.
By | September 14th, 2012
Is there money to be made in app development?
We hear success stories about apps, and get excited to hop on the bandwagon. Is this as exciting a space as is made out to be? How lucrative is app development?
By | September 6th, 2012
Vodafone India signs Vserv.mobi; provides monetisation
Vserv's unique offering AppWrapper powers One Click App Monetisation for over 10000 apps across Android, Windows Phone and J2ME platforms.
By | August 24th, 2012