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Google to let developers retort to user reviews
Google is doing everything possible to make its Play Store more accessible for developers by allowing them to respond to user comments.
By | January 17th, 2013
HP looking to hire 50+ developers for WebOS
HP is looking to hire 50+ developers for the webOS platform, marking a new turn for the company’s troubled mobile market play.
By | October 6th, 2012
Microsoft bans apps with ‘Metro’ in the title from the Windows Store (update)
Microsoft is stepping things up in its plan to rid itself of the Metro branding in order to avoid a trademark dispute with a German partner...
By | August 16th, 2012
RIM Is Bleeding Developers
Research in Motion seems to be the subject of discussion every other day. In this interesting piece on AllThingsD, the author John Paczkowski shares numbers on how the situation with RIM is reflecting in developer engagement across platforms.
By | July 14th, 2012