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Google Adds Handwriting Input for Mobile Devices

Google has added support for handwriting as an input mechanism for search queries.

In archive | 27 Jul 2012
Microsoft Limits SkyDrive, Kills Potential Innovative Uses

Microsoft is intent on preventing limitations on the SkyDrive API kill innovative uses of the service that third parties could come up with.

In archive | 26 Jul 2012
W3C and WHATWG Split the HTML Standard

Seems like the confusion surrounding HTML5 wasn’t enough, the major bodies associated with its development the W3C and the WHATWG have now parted ways. What happens next?

In archive | 26 Jul 2012
An Intro to Enyo (Part 1): Components

The Enyo framework is optimized and built with mobile in mind. It can be easily combined with something like PhoneGap to create a powerful mobile app that can be distributed via app stores.

In archive | 22 Jul 2012
Apache Cordova (PhoneGap) version 2 Released

PhoneGap the popular open source framework for building cross-platform applications has released its second major version.

In archive | 21 Jul 2012
Firefox 14 Released; Adds Pointer Lock API

The Pointer Lock API that makes it much FPS / TPS games on the web possible is not available in Firefox and Chrome.

In archive | 17 Jul 2012
Valve Officially Announces Linux Steam efforts; Launches Linux Blog

After years of rumours and leaked clients, there is finally a confirmation from Valve that they are indeed looking towards Linux as their next platform.

In archive | 17 Jul 2012
Third Party Browsers Blocked on Windows 8 for ARM?

It seems Microsoft is making it difficult for third parties to create browsers for Windows 8 tablets. A blog post on Mozilla’s website claims that Firefox will not be able to bring a proper version of Firefox to Windows 8 tablets due to restrictions by Microsoft. Since then Google has also chimed in with the […]

In archive | 16 Jul 2012
Game Engines Should Always be Open Source

Every day we create and consume media in many forms. It would be reassuring to know that the photos we take today, and the videos we record will still be viewable 20 years from now. Unfortunately there haven’t always been such reassurances.

In archive | 16 Jul 2012

MoSync There are a few too many platforms when it comes to mobiles, and targeting them all is getting increasingly hard. There is no coordination between different platforms to have some kind of common application format, API or even programming language. Most app developers thus end up targeting only the major platforms while neglecting the […]

In archive | 11 Jul 2012