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Firefox “Metro” Version for Windows 8 now Available for Preview
A preview version of Firefox with a Metro interface is now available.
By | October 8th, 2012
Windows 8 Metro Apps: The 8 Must-Know Tricks!
Samidip Basu is based out of Columbus, Ohio and is a technologist. He has a strong development background on the Microsoft technology stack, and spends his time in talking about the Windows Phone/Windows 8 platforms & cloud-supported mobile solutions in general...
By | August 4th, 2012
Third Party Browsers Blocked on Windows 8 for ARM?
It seems Microsoft is making it difficult for third parties to create browsers for Windows 8 tablets. A blog post on Mozilla’s website claims that Firefox will not be able to bring a proper version of Firefox to Windows 8 tablets due to restrictions by Microsoft...
By | July 16th, 2012