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Click-to-play block plugin coming to Firefox 17
Click-to-play blocklisted plugin is a security feature that protects against drive-by attacks targeting plugins that are known to be vulnerable...
By | October 12th, 2012
Flash Player 11.4, AIR 3.4 out; Flash Builder 4.7 Coming Soon
This is the third release (after 11.2, and 11.3) according to the Flash Platform Roadmap released by Adobe a couple of months back, and things seem to be going mostly by the roadmap.
By | August 22nd, 2012
Adobe’s Project “Alchemy” is now Flash Runtime C++ Compiler
A long time ago, back in 2008, Adobe unveiled a new experiment for using C / C++ code on the Flash Player. Now the project has settled on its final commercial name, Flash Runtime C++ Compiler.
By | August 17th, 2012
Flash on Android is axed
Finally, after months of anticipation, Flash on Android is dead. Adobe has stopped development on Flash for mobile platforms, instead focussing on desktop and AIR for mobile.
By | August 16th, 2012
Adobe’s strategy with HTML5, Flash, AIR and open source
Danny Winokur, VP and GM, Platform, Adobe Inc. on how Adobe as a company is evolving and adapting to changing trends in the application space.
By | July 8th, 2012