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Amazon adds in-skill purchases to Alexa

The feature takes a similar form in the voice assistant. Participating skills offer up a certain amount of free content, in order to hook users in to a one-time payment to unlock more stuff.

In apps and tech | 01 Dec 2017

Google Finance now lives as a tab in Search, and some features are going away.

In apps | 29 Nov 2017
Pixel 2 Camera Improves with Android 8.1

Android Oreo 8.1 is nearly here and it has added support for Google’s Pixel Visual Core chip inside this year’s Pixels.

In android | 29 Nov 2017

The company is using a new kind of captcha to verify whether a user is a real person. According to a screenshot of the identity test shared on Twitter on Tuesday and verified by Facebook, the prompt says: “Please upload a photo of yourself that clearly shows your face. We’ll check it and then permanently […]

In apps | 29 Nov 2017
Apple High Sierra Has Login Flaw That Puts Data at Risk

Security bug found in latest version of MacOS High Sierra

In iOS | 29 Nov 2017
AWS launches bare metal instances

AWS, Amazon’s cloud computing division, today announced its long-awaited bare metal instances for its EC2 service.

In analytics and cloud | 29 Nov 2017
How Project Treble makes Porting Android Oreo a 1 Day Job

Project Treble is most commonly described as an attempt by Google to modularize the Android OS framework to separate vendor specific code.

In android | 27 Nov 2017

Amazon Web Services announced a series of updates to its Recognition service, which provides machine learning-based computer vision capabilities to cloud customers.

In analytics and cloud | 27 Nov 2017
The Linux Foundation Releases 2017 Linux Kernel Development Report

The report has analyzed the work done by 15,600 developers over more than ten years, as well as more recent trends in kernel development.

In archive | 26 Nov 2017
MediaTek Persuading Chinese OEMs to Adopt Helio SoCs to Reduce Reliance on Qualcomm

The company’s flagship Helio X30 SoC was only used by a few smartphones numbering in the single digits in China this year.

In tech | 26 Nov 2017