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DeepMind adds memory to its AI system to tackle multiple Atari games

A new algorithm may hold the key to better AI

In archive | 16 Mar 2017
Smart cities must be people-centered, equitable cities

The development of smart cities builds upon this strong historical foundation with a digital foundation that allows cities to function more efficiently, be more responsive to community members and ultimately create better, more equitable urban environments where people thrive.

In iot | 14 Mar 2017
Apps will soon have to be compatible with over 100 devices

Creating an application that is different from the rest can be a complex process. Moreover, an app needs to be updated and requires ongoing maintenance so it can adapt to any new technology or device being launched.

In apps | 14 Mar 2017
Toshiba America Launches New Flashmatrix Technology for Real-Time Streaming Analytics

Toshiba America Electronic Components has announced the availability of Flashmatrix, an all-flash, big data analytics platform technology for real time/streaming analytics in distributed systems targeted at high data intensive applications in manufacturing, finance, medical and security.

In analytics | 14 Mar 2017
Google Releases Google Cast SDK for Android and iOS

Included is the introduction of full state management that helps developers implement the right abstraction between an app and Google Cast. 

In android and iOS | 14 Mar 2017
IBM speech recognition becoming as accurate us humans

On average,according to IBM, humans tend to misunderstand or mishear up to 5 to 10% of all words they hear from other human beings in a typical conversation. Although that might seem like a lot, our minds can compensate for this quite well and so we don’t tend to even notice that much. But just […]

In iot and tech | 14 Mar 2017
Kinetica is now available on the Nimbix Cloud

Kinetica, provider of the in-memory database accelerated by GPUs, has announced its real-time analytics and visualization solution is available on the Nimbix Cloud.

In cloud | 14 Mar 2017
deepstreamHub launches real-time apps platform

These features include – among others – collaboration, chat and messaging tools; VR, IoT and location tracking ability.

In archive | 14 Mar 2017
NVIDIA releases GPU accelerator to improve AI

NVIDIA and Microsoft look to make big changes in the way cloud computing operates.

In iot | 13 Mar 2017
Facebook tells developers not use data for surveillance

Facebook has contended that this kind of surveillance is already against its policies. But its policy was revamped today to state that developers can’t “use data obtained from us to provide tools that are used for surveillance.”

In analytics | 13 Mar 2017