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Google Will Retool User Security in Wake of Political Hack

New service for Gmail, data will block third-party apps, hacks

In tech | 01 Oct 2017
Apple’s Global Web of R&D Labs Doubles as Poaching Operation

Apple has opened offices close to companies with top expertise

In iOS | 01 Oct 2017
Samsung selects Ubuntu 16.04 as primary Linux distro for some ARTIK IoT modules

Canonical announces that Samsung has selected version 16.04 LTS of the operating system as the primary Linux distro for some of the ARTIK internet of things modules.

In iot | 29 Sep 2017
System76 Pop!_OS Beta Ubuntu-based Linux distribution now available to download

System76 has been developing its own operating system called “Pop!_OS.”

In tech | 29 Sep 2017
Ubuntu Linux 17.10 ‘Artful Aardvark’ Beta 2 now available to download

This year is very significant, as with Ubuntu 17.10, GNOME is replacing Unity as the default desktop environment.

In open web | 29 Sep 2017
Equifax Will Offer Free Credit Locks for Life, New CEO Says

New ‘safe and simple’ service to be introduced by January

In archive | 28 Sep 2017
Google Assistant comes to the Nvidia Shield TV

Nvidia is today releasing version 6.0 of its software for the Shield TV set top box, which brings along the Google Assistant.

In android and tech | 28 Sep 2017

Bugsee has announced new developer-friendly features including instant feedback, application health assessment, and new integrations with popular mobile development frameworks, bug trackers and collaboration tools.

In archive | 28 Sep 2017
GitLab releases version 10 and pushes DevOps

GitLab has announced the release of GitLab 10.0 providing modern developers additional capabilities to fully embrace the benefits of DevOps, specifically continuous integration and deployment, and Kubernetes based application development.

In tech | 28 Sep 2017
Microsoft becomes a sponsor of the Open Source Initiative

Microsoft today announced that it has joined the Open Source Initiative (OSI) as a Premium Sponsor. The OSI, which launched in 1998, takes a relatively pragmatic approach to open source and advocates for open source in business and government.

In open web and tech | 28 Sep 2017