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Apple confirms Shazam acquisition; Snap and Spotify also expressed interest

It is purchasing the startup — one of earliest players in the world of mobile music — as part of its bigger ambitions in the music business.

In apps and iOS | 12 Dec 2017
ParseDroid vulnerabilities threatened most Android development tools

A collection of vulnerabilities known as ParseDroid put users of popular Android development tools at risk.

In android | 11 Dec 2017
Google rolls out Google Cloud Video intelligence API public beta; updates Cloud Vision API

The Google Cloud Video intelligence API, first released in March 2017, uses machine learning to make videos searchable and discoverable, by extracting metadata which is also used to index video content.

In cloud | 11 Dec 2017
AWS’s free single sign-on launch shows expanisonist tendencies in SaaS market

Amazon Web Services new free service that lets companies provide their employees with a single set of credentials for logging into a variety of different applications.

In analytics and cloud | 10 Dec 2017

A HomeKit vulnerability in the current version of iOS 11.2 has been demonstrated which won’t be describe in detaild and was difficult to reproduce, allowed unauthorized control of HomeKit-connected accessories including smart lights, thermostats, and plugs. The most serious ramification of this vulnerability prior to the fix is unauthorized remote control of smart locks and […]

In iOS | 08 Dec 2017
Windows 10 to get new cellular connectivity, power-management improvements

Microsoft is working on eSIM and power-management capabilities that could make their way into Windows 10 Redstone 4.

In tech | 08 Dec 2017
Qualcomm, Baidu form AI partnership to optimize DuerOS for Snapdragon

Qualcomm’s collaboration with Baidu will bring AI for voice enabled solutions to the new Snapdragon 845 mobile platform.

In analytics and tech | 08 Dec 2017
Nvidia launches Titan V desktop GPU to accelerate AI computation

Nvidia launched a new desktop GPU today that’s designed to bring massive amounts of power to people who are working on machine learning applications.

In tech | 08 Dec 2017

Apple today is introducing a new way for app developers to acquire users for their apps: it’s launching a pay-per-install advertising product called Search Ads Basic.

In iOS | 06 Dec 2017

At its third annual Google for India event in New Delhi today, the company noted that its Tez payments app is set to cross 12 million active users in the country soon – and that it’s getting some hot new features to make bill payment a breeze.

In android and apps and iOS | 06 Dec 2017