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Chrome’s ad blocker goes live on February 15

The Web’s #1 advertising company makes a power play with its own ad blocker.

In apps | 25 Dec 2017
Slowing down older iPhones may be the right thing to do, but it opens a can of worms

Geekbench founder, John Poole, confirmed the phenomenon, and developer Guilherme Rambo subsequently identified the code that controlled it.

In iOS | 25 Dec 2017
Huawei signs AI mobile agreement with Baidu

Huawei and Baidu will work together on developing and building an open AI mobile ecosystem, including devices, technology, internet services, and content.

In iot | 25 Dec 2017
Microsoft’s newest Windows 10 test build includes Timeline feature

Microsoft’s latest ‘Redstone 4’ test build, 17063, includes includes its promised Timeline feature, the start of Edge support for Progressive Web Apps, lots of UI tweaks, and several IT pro-focused goodies.

In analytics and misc | 20 Dec 2017
Play Store to require new and updated apps to target recent API levels and distribute native apps with 64-bit support

While Google is reconsidering the best implementation for the Accessibility Services policy, a separate announcement introduces additional policies intended to help make apps distributed through the Play Store more secure and possibly improve performance.

In apps | 20 Dec 2017
Twitter launches a new enterprise API to power customer service and chatbots

Today the company is rolling out something new for developers: an enterprise-level API providing access to real-time activities like tweets, retweets, likes and follows.

In apps | 20 Dec 2017
YouTube debuts 360-video app on Steam VR

Google just made it a bit easier to use one of its key Daydream VR apps by releasing YouTube VR for Steam VR on the HTC Vive.

In tech | 18 Dec 2017
Google releases ARCore Developer Preview 2 and says it is ending support for Project Tango

AR places digital objects and useful information into the real world around us, which creates a huge opportunity to make our phones more intuitive, more helpful and a whole lot more fun.

In analytics | 18 Dec 2017
Hazelcast Jet 0.5 API unveiled to increases dev productivity

Hazelcast Jet v0.5 has been released with new features such as Pipeline API for processing big data sets and fault tolerance.

In apps | 18 Dec 2017
IoT security gets tighter thanks to SDC Edge

IoT Security solution developed by StreamSets is allowing developers to implement end-to-end data security.

In iot | 18 Dec 2017