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Oracle flexes its Cloud muscles with CloudWorld held in Mumbai
Oracle held a CloudWorld event to show off its Cloud offerings to partners in the Cloud technology market. More than 1000 business leaders from major organizations across India attended the event to discuss various partnership programs that were announced at the event.
By | April 3rd, 2013
Oracle patches Java bug, experts say it’s still not safe
After the American government warned users of the security risk posed by the recently discovered Java vulnerability that was being exploited in the wild, Oracle quickly came into action and posted a security update within 3 days of the news spreading worldwide.
By | January 17th, 2013
US government asks users to disable Java immediately
After finding a critical Java vulnerability that is already being exploited worldwide, the american government has asked all users to turn off Java in their respective browsers to avoid being held hostage to malicious software.
By | January 12th, 2013
2012: An year of enterprise software
2012 was an active year, particularly from the standpoint of continued consolidation in the enterprise software markets.
By | January 4th, 2013
Java Is No Longer Needed. Pull The Plug-In
For nearly everyone, it’s time to dump Java. Once promising, it has outlived its usefulness in the browser, and has become a nightmare that delights cyber-criminals at the expense of computer users.
By | September 7th, 2012
MySQL Heading Down a Closed Path?
It seems that Oracle has begun closing off parts of the MySQL development process, thus causing worries that the openness of the database system is in jeopardy.
By | August 19th, 2012