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Planning Commission organizes hackathon to spread awareness about 12th plan
For the first time ever, in an effort to improve its connect with the young masses and to aid in the awareness of the 12th five year plan, the planning commission in collaboration with the National Innovation Council organized a two day hackathon on 6-7 April at more than 10 venues across India.
By | April 7th, 2013
Google announces hackathons for developers to get started with Project Glass
Google has announced hackathons to be held in New York and San Francisco on 28-29 January and 1-2 February. The aim is to help them get started with the Mirror API, so as to kickstart the development and help explore the different ways in which the device can be used.
By | January 18th, 2013
Blackberry announces Port-A-Thon events across Asia, offers rewards
RIM is going to organize Port-A-Thon events across Asia, focused at helping game developers to port their games from Android and iOS to Blackberry platform...
By | December 1st, 2012
Microsoft’s global Windows 8 hackathon WOWZAPP 2012 kicks off
Microsoft has organized a two day hackathon session this weekend at various global locations including India. The event is aimed at generating an interest among students to get them started with Windows 8 app development and promoting them to submit apps for the Windows Store.
By | November 10th, 2012