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Chrome steadily gaining in mobile browser market share
Statistics from NetMarketShare suggest that Chrome is steadily gaining ground as a popular mobile browser, at least among the Android users while Safari has lost a little bit of it pie although it still leads others by a wide margin...
By | June 4th, 2013
Google Chrome 25 debuts with flurry of new features
Google Chrome's version 25 comes packed with a lot of new features for the web developers including the Web Speech API and WebRTC support.
By | February 26th, 2013
Google releases Chrome for Intel based Android devices
Emphasizing its commitment to make the Chrome browser available on all future devices, Google has now released a version that also supports Intel-based x86 Android phones.
By | October 1st, 2012
Firefox 14 Released; Adds Pointer Lock API
The Pointer Lock API that makes it much FPS / TPS games on the web possible is not available in Firefox and Chrome.
By | July 17th, 2012
Third Party Browsers Blocked on Windows 8 for ARM?
It seems Microsoft is making it difficult for third parties to create browsers for Windows 8 tablets. A blog post on Mozilla’s website claims that Firefox will not be able to bring a proper version of Firefox to Windows 8 tablets due to restrictions by Microsoft...
By | July 16th, 2012