Samsung has new ARTIK smart IoT platform products

Samsung has new ARTIK smart IoT platform products

By | June 10th, 2017
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Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. has announced new their new ARTIK Smart IoT

platform products that will help companies get to market faster with more

secure offerings and bring IoT another step closer to Samsung’s vision of

intelligent things.


The SAMSUNG ARTIK platform includes new end-to-end enterprise-grade security enhancements, and now enables easy-to-use, secure services for device onboarding, device and user management, edge node management, and secure OTA updates.

Samsung is also introducing the new ARTIK 053 module that will equip a new class of connected products with cutting-edge capabilities, and ARTIK QuickStart, a design and development support program that will help customers and partners jumpstart their IoT businesses by making it easier and faster for companies to deliver secure IoT solutions.

The IoT platform makes it easier for businesses to securely activate, monitor, track, and add new functionality to products after deployment.

Together, with ARTIK Cloud connectors and device orchestration and management tools, these new services will greatly increase the capabilities of connected products, promote secure interoperability, and elevate the value of customer solutions that depend on the interoperability of things.


Nisheeth Bhakuni