The future of IoT can be seen in the PC

The future of IoT can be seen in the PC

By | May 29th, 2017
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IoT exhibits many of the same growing pains as the PC in its early days,

with the greatest potential lurking in barely imagined future apps


We’re reaching the point where IoT devices are widely available, but still command a premium (connected Bosch appliances cost $300 more than unconnected, for example). Pretty soon dishwashers will be instrumented by default. Developer kits are available now.

A parallel can be drawn between IoT and the early day of the computer. As the microprocessor became widely available, so did boxes to put them in, and people started writing operating systems. Standards began to emerge.

Vendors who don’t support this strategy will follow the path of Sun, DEC, and the TRS-80. As the devices and technology become widespread, they’ll start charging less of a premium and eventually roll out low-end models.

In fact, some of this price reduction and market saturation has already happened in Europe, where there’s wider support for IoT devices as a means of energy conservation.

Operating systems, however, aren’t the main market. Again the parallel with PCs is unmistakable: Applications are the primary market. Some of these applications are obvious, and some are yet to emerge.

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Nisheeth Bhakuni