How to train your Alexa – Part 2
An example of an Intent would be the EggRecipeFetcherIntent which would have a few sample utterances like: • Ask egginator for an egg...
By in etc | April 2nd, 2018
How to train your Alexa – Part 1
A guide to get started with Alexa Skills Alexa is a cloud based service provided by Amazon that is at the core of their range of Echo d...
By in etc | April 1st, 2018
Actions on Google – Part 1
Creating apps for the Google Assistant GOOGLE HOME Google Home is the latest in a long line of market disrupting products that have com...
By in etc | March 30th, 2018
Client Side  Crypto Miners – Part 2
JAVASCRIPT API OPT-IN OVERLAY When loaded through the JavaScript API will ask the user for consent as soon as
By in etc | March 8th, 2018
Client Side  Crypto Miners – Part 1
Could this be the key to an ad free internet? If you are connected to the internet then its most likely that you have already heard abo...
By in etc | March 1st, 2018
Kotlin – One for all Part – 2
You can read Part 1 from here:- 3. DEFINING LOCAL VARIABLES: There are two ...
By in etc | February 28th, 2018
Kotlin – One for all Part – 1
Nowadays a lot of programming languages have surfaced and it’s natural for you find it difficult to develop in just a single lang...
By in etc | February 23rd, 2018
‘yo’ to the rescue – Part 2
THE YEOMAN RUN-LOOP There are some methods that are defined within the class. Any genera-tor class can have some any number of methods....
By in etc | February 16th, 2018
Getting Started with Vue.js – Part 1
Over the past few years, few web frameworks have survived. Vue.js has not only survived but thrived. Let’s see why. Kshitij Sobti...
By in etc | February 5th, 2018
Vimpower yourself
Vim, a relic from the past? Or a tool that stood the test of time? There are those who swear by it and then there are those view it as ...
By in etc | February 1st, 2018